SportLoMo the fastest growing sports software in Canada

SportLoMo in Canada

SportLoMo has a strong presence in Canada.  Clients include Rugby Canada and all Provincial Rugby Unions, Table Tennis Canada, Field Hockey Canada, Volleyball BC, Ontario Softball and more.

The platform is mobile friendly. It is also multi-lingual and is currently provided in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.  We have front line support in English and French from our customer support call centre based in Ontario Canada.

Our Passion is Grassroots Sports, our mission is empowering these Sports.

Our mission is to support local sports by helping them to run their sport efficiently while reducing workload and saving time.

Our platform is used to manage thousands of games and competitions from Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Emirates, Australia to New Zealand.

Sportlomo is working with local, amateur sport since 2000. We are headquartered in Ireland.

Featured Canadian SportLoMo News

BC Volleyball Clubs

Clubs now manage their Membership and take online payments for registration and events online with SportLoMo.

British Columbia Volleyball and Sportlomo announce a strategic alliance. SportLoMo selected as the official provider for Membership Registration for BC and its regional bodies.

Volleyball BC will use Sportlomo to manage competition data for its website, update league standings, manage game officials, umpire management and electronic team rosters. This information will be made available to clubs.

Table Tennis Canada

Table Tennis announce Strategic Partnership to revolutionize Table Tennis.
Ontario | July 16,2018 Read here

Table Tennis Butterfly Canada Cup, Seamus Kyne, CEO Sportlomo

Seamus Kyne, SportLoMo CEO meets Table tennis Canada in Markham during the Butterfly Canada Cup 2018.

Ontario Softball join SportLoMo

The Ontario Softball website has been re-developed and is run on the SportLoMo platform – View here.

In March 2018, Ontario began using SportLoMo for Umpire Registration and Online Payments.  They assign umpires to their provincial games and notify them in realtime (by SMS and email) using the platform.

SportLoMo Marks Rowan’s Law Day

Honouring the memory of Rowan Stringer, “ Rowan’s Law Day” is commemorated in Canada Sept 25th to raise awareness of concussion in sports.

A number of the SportLoMo team join our friends in Rugby Canada in remembering Rowan by wearing purple.

Canadian Irish Ambassador Welcomes SportLoMo to Canada

Irish Government Trade Minister Canny and Canadian Irish Ambassador welcome SportLomo.

Minister Canney said “SportLoMo is an excellent example of an Irish technology-driven company successfully securing customers around the globe”.