API’s / IFrame Live Feeds

Scores, Game Schedule, Standings, Tables direct to your Club Website

Clubs can choose to get a ‘live’ feed of their own scores, game schedule, tables and standings direct to their website*  This feed is official and accurate as it comes directly from your parent body database.

The feed can be provided as an API or IFrame.  SportLoMo will discuss with you which feed would best suit your club website.

*Clubs that take a website from SportLoMo automatically get these API feeds built into their website (no extra charge).

BC Rugby Scores API: https://www.bcrugby.com/results/

*Note: Your parent body must be using SportLoMo to manage their competitions online to avail of these API feeds.


Collection of Game Scores is Automated*

SportLoMo allocates your games a unique ID. It then recognises, updates, stores and archives each game.

With our Official Scoring system you do not have to rely on team managers, players or fans to input scores (no gaps in your scoring matrix).

*To receive a live feed of your club scores your competitions must be run on SportLoMo platform.  Contact us to find out if your parent sports organization is using sportlomo competition management.

Standings / Tables are recalculated automatically when scores are returned by text message or app from official scorekeepers. The system only recognises approved scorekeepers (accurate results).

You can manually enter scores also if you wish.

If the Games Official Administrator amends a game schedule it automatically updates your website and emails. Must be using Competition Management module.

BC Rugby Live Scores API: https://www.bcrugby.com/results/

API’s and IFrames can be provided as a separate service to our clubs.  You can stay with your current website provider and choose to bolt / embed a feed of Results, Fixtures, Schedule, Standings, Tables to your existing website.


These feeds will vary in cost depending on the size of club, no of competitions, teams, amount of setup work.

Note:  API Feeds are provided automatically to Clubs who take a website from SportLoMo (included in website fee).  Again your Parent body must be using SportLoMo to manage their competitions.

For more information and a quote please contact us here.